Premiere: Fayetteville Native Morray Delivers Video for New Song "Low Key"

Following the success of his first single "Quicksand," Morray shares the video for his latest track "Low Key."

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Fayetteville, North Carolina native Morray has shared the video for his latest song "Low Key." The track features a catchy hook and Morray's patented mixture of melody and trap.

It's been a productive last few weeks for Morray. Not only did his first-ever single "Quicksand" pick up heavy traction after he dropped it at the beginning of November, but it also caught the attention of hometown hero and Carolina legend J. Cole.

"This shit AMAZING,” Cole wrote under Morray's post of the song. "Quicksand" also got co-signs from the likes of DJ Marshmello, Rick Ross, and several other high-profile artists.

When reflecting on the initial success of "Quicksand" and how he hopes to carry that into this song, Morray said that he just wants to be able to share more of his story with his fans.

"When I released 'Quicksand,' I was shocked when it hit its first 100,000 views, that in itself was more than enough for me," he said. "It’s a crazy feeling to get the love and to feel the pressure at the same time. I feel like it makes me want to work that much harder. With 'Low Key,' I wanted people to understand that my music is more than the struggle I come from, it's the lifestyle I've been surrounded by my entire life. On the outside I may be funny and cool, but the streets raised me and that's something that will never change about me. I’m trying to do my thing for my family, my city, and most importantly my people."

As Morray looks to keep up the momentum, watch the music video for his latest track "Low Key" up top and check out the video for "Quicksand" below.

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