Master P Shares His Thoughts on Astroworld Festival Tragedy: 'Everybody in Shock'

While speaking with TMZ, Master P shared his thoughts about the Astroworld Festival tragedy. The rapper performed at the event earlier in the day.

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While Travis Scott’s set at Astroworld Festival this past weekend yielded tragic results with eight people dead and numerous injured, Master P reflected on performing at the event earlier that same day.

When talking to TMZ, the rap legend and mogul spoke about how he felt like the festival was “history in the making” before things took a sad turn later that night.

“It was like history in the making for Travis Scott to have all of those people come out there and show up, and then the tragedy happened, it was just blindsided to everybody,” he said. “My condolences go out to the ones that lost their lives and to the families. It was just a freak accident.”

P went on to say that he felt like there should have been more police inside the festival rather than outside of it to help direct people. He also noted that the crowd was energetic, but no one could have planned how things turned out. He added that he’s not sure who will have to be held accountable.

P took to Instagram immediately following the news that eight people had died at the festival, sharing his condolences as well as footage of him performing during the day. 

“I performed early in the day at AstroWorld but I was supposed to perform at night, because I had a show in Baltimore. I heard what happened at the show, My condolences go out to the people who lost their lives,” P wrote in the caption. “Man this was supposed to be a historical event, It was Soo Lit.”

You can watch Master P's full interview with TMZ up top.

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