Lil Bibby on Making a Joint Mixtape with G Herbo: 'I Think I'mma Do It This Year'

During his conversation with 'Vlad TV,' Lil Bibby revealed that he's been meaning to make a joint mixtape with G Herbo and that it might finally happen.

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In a rare interview where he was actually visible, DJ Vlad got in front of the camera to talk to Lil Bibby about his journey through hip-hop and when he’ll finally team up with fellow Chicago rapper G Herbo to release a joint tape together.

“Herb hit me all the time, ‘man, we gotta put out our tape.’ And I be thinking about it, like, sometimes I be ready to just get up and do it, but I think I’mma do it this year, Vlad,” Bibby revealed. “I think I’mma do it. I’mma do it with Herb though.”

This G Herbo x Lil Bibby joint tape has been in the works for a long time now. In January of 2018, Herbo revealed in an interview that he and Bibby had been planning to get in the studio together and record it.

“It’s just a matter of getting in the same place at the same time,” Herb said. “We don’t wanna put a mixtape out cause our fans been waiting, so we gon’ drop a album – a real LP No Limitations.

Lil Bibby hasn’t spit a new verse in a while either, pivoting towards more executive-facing work as he continues to groom his Grade A productions: home of budding talent like Kid Laroi and the late, great Juice WRLD. When talking about jumping back on a tape with Herbo, Bibby said that it’s still going to be weird because the content he raps about won’t change, but the lifestyle he now leads has.

“This the only thing that’s gonna be crazy, Vlad. I’mma boss Vlad, people look at me like a boss, you know, but I’m still crazy,” Bibby said of himself. “So in my raps I’mma be saying how I really feel, and how is that gonna match up.”

The 26-year-old rapper has seen much growth since first entering the game, so hopefully, he can give the streets what they’ve been waiting for and finally deliver a project with G Herbo.

Catch the full interview up above. 

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