Listen to Remble's Debut Mixtape 'It's Remble' f/ Mozzy, Drakeo the Ruler, and More

The unique rapper Remble has delivered his debut mixtape 'It's Remble,' with features from fellow West Coast artists Mozzy, Drakeo the Ruler, and more.


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The technical West Coast rapper Remble has finally arrived to deliver his debut mixtape It’s Remble, featuring Mozzy, Drakeo the Ruler, and more.

Going viral on social media for his unique, articulated flow, Remble continues to pave his own unique road with this introductory mixtape. Whether you gravitate toward one of his popular singles like “Touchable” or his hilariously contradictive “Ted Talk” that immediately follows it, It’s Remble has something for everyone.

The 13-track tape not only proves the Remble can rap on his own, but that he can also work well with others. His Mozzy-assisted “I Mean It” is a standout on the project, with both of them flowing well together. Drakeo the Ruler follows on “Ruth’s Chris Freestyle” and sounds like the West Coast boogieman as both rappers spit over an ominous beat.

When talking with Complex, Remble explained his rap style comes from wanting to make every word in his songs sound perfect, so he ends up enunciating them clearly.

“When I’m making music, sometimes it’ll take me a long time to record, because if it doesn’t come out exactly how I’m hearing it in my head, then I’ve got to keep making sure it sounds perfect,” he said. “When you’re recording a song, you’ve got a choice to not mess up a word, you feel what I’m saying? I just don’t stop until I make sure it sounds like it was delivered properly, I guess.”

Listen to Remble’s debut mixtape It’s Remble featuring Mozzy, Drakeo the Ruler, B.A., BlueBucksClan, and Billy West down below:

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