DreamDoll and Asian Doll Respond to Tory Lanez's Diss on 'Daystar' Project

DreamDoll and Asian Doll had choice words for Lanez while other artists also addressed the controversy and Black men's responsibility to do better.


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As many in the country are still reeling and calling for the protection of Black women following the disappointing verdict announcement of the Breonna Taylor, Tory Lanez opted into an untimely album release where he addressed the shooting incident with Megan Thee Stallion, called out other Black women in the industry, and argued his innocence. 

Among the many issues that Tory addressed in Daystar, he called out rappers Dreamdoll and Asian Doll on the track "Sorry But I Had To..." featuring Yoko Gold, to which both artists have since responded to.

"You been a dub! Since you came for me the first time," DreamDoll wrote in a since-deleted IG post where she exposed a message Tory had sent her in the past. For those who recall, DreamDoll previously released a Tory Lanez diss track in 2019 following tensions between the two that were supposedly connected to an intimate relationship.

Asian Doll also shared her sentiments for the disses layered in Tory's track.

"N***a dissed me but said he RESPECT me lolololol cause n***a know they gone shed BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS behind this doll," she said in a series of tweets that have now been deleted as well. Asian Doll also took to Instagram Live to address the disses.

"Nobody gives a fuck at the end of the day, that's a whole midget," Asian Doll said. " At the end of the day that's a whole midget, like, who gives a fuck. You're that threatened that your lil midget ass shoots somebody in the foot, like, come on now. Ain't nobody aiming at the ground but you. But you didn't do it? Stop playin." Additionally, she clarified that she has no rap beef with him— she simply doesn't care about him or what he has to say.

Other artists also chimed in with words for Lanez and the new album. Halsey commented on Daystar's status as No.1 on US Apple Music, saying that she's disappointed in anybody who listened to it. 

Bun B was among another artist mentioned in Tory's diss, with the lines, "We got Bun B on live sayin' I should burn in a cage/ In these times of Black lives, he sayin' I should turn to slave/ If ***** heard that, then my nigga would have a rage right now/No diss to Pimp and Bun, but you made 'Big Pimpin',' son."

While Bun didn't directly respond to the bars, he posted a message to his IG story declaring that Black men as a whole need to do better.

Royce Da 5'9" posted similar sentiments, writing in his caption, "Boy, you outta yo little Canadian mind... Too talented for stupidity."


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