Drake Celebrates "God's Plan" Scholarship Recipient Getting Her Master's Degree

One of the people Drake blessed with money during his "God's Plan" music video just finished graduate school, and the rapper celebrated her on social media.


Image via Getty/Andrew Chin


In the midst of graduation season, Drake congratulated the student who received his “God’s Plan” scholarship for getting her master’s.

UNC grad Destiny James took to Instagram to commemorate acquiring her master’s degree in Public Health, and Drake jumped into the comments to celebrate the accomplishment with her.


Destiny was one of the several people Drake blessed with money during his “God’s Plan” music video in 2018. She received the $50,000 scholarship from the rapper to complete her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami at the time. Drake was also seen randomly giving away money to other people and families during the music video.

Destiny emphasized to the Shade Room how big a goal it was for her to pursue a master’s in public health, especially after her father passed away from lung cancer in 2016.

“Public health has been a passion of mine since 2016 when my dad passed from stage 4 lung cancer,” she said. “Obtaining this degree is something I will always be proud of! The obstacles I was able to overcome fueled my fire and I am so proud to say I am now a graduate of the #1 ranked public school for public health in the country.”

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