Don Toliver Talks About Collaborating With Kanye West on ‘Donda’

Don Toliver visited 'Ebro in the Morning' and talked about how he got on 'Donda' as well as what it was like working with Kanye in the studio.

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While joining Ebro in the Morning, Don Toliver told the story of how he connected with Kanye West to be a part of Donda, and what it was like working with him in the studio.

“A couple of months before it really started wrapping up, the hype for it really started going crazy, me and ’Ye was already cooking in his little studio,” Toliver said. “We were already making records. I didn’t even really have a full idea of what Donda was back then. I was just making records with him. Then I had just gotten this one call to pull up on him and when I pulled up, it was a situation where I didn’t know what was going on but I knew he had made records prior to this situation.”

The 27-year-old continued, “So, at the end of the day, he just sent me off with some songs. I did a bunch of different records, and one of them ended up becoming ‘Moon,’ so it was a crazy blessing for me at the end of the day.” He noted the final version of “Moon” was completely different from the one he heard when he initially recorded it.

Don described what the first day in the studio with ’Ye was like as well. “It was crazy,” he said. “That was, like, the one time where I was a little antsy about the situation, but he was cool. We were vibing and he understood where I was coming from.”

In a move tailored to Toliver’s “Moon” contributions, Kanye recently gifted the artist with a huge NASA jacket, footage of which was shared online:

Kanye West gifted Don Toliver a new jacket 🐐🔥

— STRAPPED! | Hip-Hop/Rap News (@STRAPPEDUS) October 2, 2021

Ahead of the release of his upcoming album Life of a Don on Oct. 8, Toliver partnered with Guess to drop an exclusive merch capsule collection that meshes the brand’s style with his own aesthetics. The collection will be available the same day as the album’s release.

The tracklist for the project is available below:

Don Toliver also phoned in to Sway in the Morning to talk about the upcoming album. You can check that out below and watch his full Ebro in the Morning interview up top.

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