Demi Lovato Embraces Her Body After Making Peace with Past Eating Issues

Demi Lovato shared a pair of selfies on Instagram and discussed her long body-positivity journey as she arrives at this point.

Demi Lovato

Image via Getty/Kevin Winter

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato took a moment to celebrate how far she's come on her road to body positivity, recognizing that her newfound self-love and appreciation for herself.

The singer/songwriter took to Instagram on Friday with two selfies,and in the caption discussed how she's grown past insecurities. She also revealed how she's made peace with her past eating issues.


"Fun Fact: I never had boobs until I started eating what I wanted," she wrote in the caption. "My whole life I hated my small tittaayyys and then when I finally let go of my eating issues, I GOT THE BOOBS I WANTED!!! 😂😂" she captioned the photos. "this is no push-up bra or boob-job y’all!!! IT’S ALL ME!! And you know what, they’re gonna change too!!! AND I’LL BE OKAY WITH THAT AS WELL!!"

Lovato continued by encouraging others to embrace the changes that their bodies go through, saying that our bodies will do what they're supposed to when we stop trying to always control it.

 "But let this be a lesson y’all.. our bodies will do what they are SUPPOSED to when we let go of trying to control what it does for us. Oh the irony.... 💞 Did you have a similar experience when making peace with your eating issues?? I’d love to hear!!!"

Demi Lovato has had a long battle with eating disorders in the past, which she has since vanquished. Peoplecited that during a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Lovato talked about her journey getting here.

"When I realized that perfection is unachievable, no matter who you are, you could literally be the most perfect-looking person on the planet, but there will still be something scientifically imperfect with you," she said. "I had to learn that the hard way."

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