Watch Cam’ron and Brandy in Hilarious Dice Game Skit

Cam'Ron and Brandy are obviously having a very good time on the set of the upcoming ABC show 'Queens,' as evidenced by this latest hilarious clip.


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Cam’ron has been tapping into his comedic side lately, posting skits to social media with Brandy and Eve in between takes of the upcoming ABC show Queens. Now, the New York rapper has re-teamed with Brandy for another keeping the jokes rolling after posting another video with Brandy.

The clip finds Cam and Brandy playing dice, with the singer taking all of his money before telling Cam to “go uptown to Harlem, tell em that I sent ya” like the lyrics in his verse from “Dipset Anthem.”

“So @brandy fooled me on some ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ shit,” the rapper wrote in the caption of video. “She said she only knew craps, never played Celo, even asked ‘why is it 3 dice’.. then started fronting on me. Talking bout ..she’s rolling head cracks, she’s good wit the fever(meaning she rolled a 5) etc. I personally took offense when she said she was rolling Deadies.. WHAT THE HELL YOU KNOW ABOUT DEADIES?!😡.. she won $5200. I ask for $200 back (which is proper etiquette) she said “where they do that at?!! then she threw the ‘WestSide in my face. I blame @rayj he had to teach her all this shit. @queensabc …and another thing.. stop tryna use my/dipset lyrics against me, and don’t ever diddy bop off like that again!!!”

A previous skit saw Eve bullying Cam after his Verzuz battle with The LOX didn’t end in his favor.

“So I accidentally drank @therealeve juice,” Cam’ron captioned Eve skit. “Mind you I didn’t know it was her juice. She said I should have known because it had her name on it. The name of the juice was ‘Apple and Eve’ .. she said I violated and I owe when I’m not filming. Didn’t know it would go this far. And Eve for your info since you tryna be funny your Ruff Ryder not D-Block @sencity730 you said something like this might happen.”

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