Friends and Fans Share Tributes Following Black Rob's Death

Following the news of ex-Bad Boy rapper Black Rob's passing, celebrities and fans alike have been sharing their tributes on the iconic rapper.


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Following the news of New York rapper and former Bad Boy member Black Rob passing away at 52 years old, the rap community came together yet again to honor another rap giant.

The news broke on Saturday afternoon after entertainment manager Kal Dawson confirmed that Rob had passed away after dealing with health issues that recently became public. Mark Curry, a frequent collaborator of Rob and Diddy’s, also confirmed the news by sharing a tearful message on Twitter.

Mark Curry has revealed that former Bad Boy recording artist Black Rob has passed away.#RIPBlackRob

— Versey (@VerseyMusic) April 17, 2021

The rap community is still reeling after the loss of DMX last Friday. Black Rob had been dealing with health issues for the last few years and even shared his condolences about the passing of X. “I feel everything about X,” he said in an Instagram video that Dawson posted. “X was positive. Love to X.”

With more tragic news, friends and fans alike have come together to honor Black Rob and share tributes for the rapper. Check a few out down below. Rest in power, Black Rob.

RIP Black Rob, one of the great millennium-era crime rap novelists, gruff but with Harlem slickness, who endured fire & brimstone to briefly reach the apex, before gravity and the law took hold. Of course, "Whoa," which owned the world for a full year, the platonic tunnel banger.

— Otto Von Biz Markie (@Passionweiss) April 17, 2021


Rest In Peace Black Rob ... obviously the iconic hit is "whoa" but for me it's always gonna be about "I love you baby" off the puff daddy and the family album ... 🙏🏼

— Real Late 2 Soon Come (@Rosenbergradio) April 17, 2021


Rest In Peace Black Rob 💔 🕊

— Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive) April 17, 2021


His GoFundMe never reached its goal. Tragic.

Rest In Peace, Black Rob.

— Ivie Ani (@ivieani) April 17, 2021


damn rest in peace Black Rob. we have to come up with a way to take care of our artists after the industry is done with them.

— open michael eagle (@Mike_Eagle) April 17, 2021


rest in peace black rob, easily one of the more unsung heroes of the peak bad boy era and harlem rappers who created beauty out of gritty, wild storytelling. his biggest solo effort wound up inspiring one of the greatest houston rap songs ever.

— Brandon Caldwell (@_brandoc) April 17, 2021


Damn .....Black Rob today #RestInBeats @hiphopgods @uhhmuseum

— Chuck D (@MrChuckD) April 17, 2021



I’m emotional but overstand what must be done.we gotta do better with taking care of ourselves 1st and foremost and each other after that!who has more or who has less should not be the day to day focus .. the focus must be on all of us surviving to the best of our ability!

— little farma (@stylesp) April 17, 2021


All this death in hip hop really SUCKS!!! R.I.P. DMX & Black Rob! I cant believe i just said that. Just dont sound right 😢 no time to grieve 1 death anymore X just died last week and BR dies today 🤦🏾‍♂️😢😭

— PETEROCK.COM (@PeteRock) April 17, 2021


You just had to be there....

RIP Black Rob 🙏🏾🕊

— Henny ♎️ (@CamronSanto) April 17, 2021


Black Rob really held Bad Boy down after Big passed and Mase retired. He kept the label anchored in real storytelling and grit at a time when Puff was looking real nervous with the Forever album and the Club NY trial. He was a key reason Bad Boy got a second act in the 2000s. RIP

— Brendan Frederick (@bfred) April 17, 2021


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