Big Sean Celebrates Debut Album 'Finally Famous' for 10-Year Anniversary

Nearing the 10-year anniversary of his debut studio album, 'Finally Famous,' rapper Big Sean reflects on how much the project helped his career.


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As the 10-year anniversary of Big Sean’s debut studio album, Finally Famous, draws closer, the rapper took to Instagram to share what it meant for his career and how grateful he is that it withstood the test of time.

Finally Famous dropped June 28, but Sean decided to celebrate a bit early by reminiscing on some of the biggest tracks on the album and how they still get spun today. 

“It’s the album that changed everything for me,” he said. “Took me from being a mixtape artist to going city-to-city and hearing myself on the radio with ‘My Last’ with Chris Brown, to ‘I Do It.’ ‘Marvin & Chardonnay’ with me and ‘Ye, ‘Ass’ with me and Nicki, I mean, that shit still goes crazy.”

Sean then started rattling off how many “firsts” he accomplished with the album, like it giving him his first plaque, his first platinum album, and many more. He also thanked No I.D.—who executively produced the project—for helping guide him through the process.

“I was just figuring it out, nervous as hell,” he explained. “[I was] relying a lot on No I.D. too. He not only executive produced the album but produced a lot of songs on there, and I was relying on his expertise as a producer. He helped me pull the album together.”

Sean also revealed that, for fun, he remixed and remastered the whole album and added a new track titled “Freshman 10” that’s produced Hit-Boy, where he retells the story of the day he shot his XXL Freshman cover. He also mentioned how he recorded the new song about two years ago and shared it with some of his peers, including Freddie Gibbs, Wiz Khalifa, and J. Cole.

Finally Famous is set to re-release tomorrow, according to Sean.

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