The Best New Music This Week: Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj, Pi'erre Bourne, NLE Choppa, and More

Complex's best new music this week includes songs from Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj, Pi'erre Bourne, NLE Choppa, SZA, Doja Cat, Mariah The Scientist, and more.

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It’s an exciting week for new music. This week, Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj teamed up for their spicy new collaboration, “Princess Diana (Remix).” Pi’erre Bourne also dropped his new EP, GRAILS, featuring the standout track, “Tabloid,” ahead of his first performance at Coachella. And NLE Choppa teamed up with Lola Brooke and Modesty for the undeniable banger, “Automobooty.” We also got new hits from SZA, Doja Cat, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and many more. 

Check out the best new music this week below. And follow our playlist on Spotify for all of the latest drops in music here

Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj, “Princess Diana (Remix)”

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The self-proclaimed princess and queen of rap are presiding over “Princess Diana (Remix),” and it’s royally good. Ice Spice kicks off the track with the same energy and “Graa” adlibs she brought to the original. On the second verse, Nicki Minaj switches up the flow while delivering hard bars about “lames” and putting a tiara on her new charge: “Nowadays, I be makin’ ‘em famous/ She the princess, so fuck who you lames is/ Of course, I be pushin’ they buttons/ I hold the control like the gamers.” 

Pi’erre Bourne, “Tabloid”

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Pi’erre Bourne is back with is new EP, GRAILS, featuring the standout track, “Tabloid.” On the new song, Bourne slides over his own electric beat as he sings about his reputation for being a bad boy. “Yeah I’m Pi’erre Bourne, baby girl you know I’m fly/ Yeah she giving brain like Jean Grey, just use your mind,” he sings. GRAILS marks Pie’rre Bourne’s first release of the year and follows 2022’s Good Movie

NLE Choppa f/ Lola Brooke & Modesty, “Automobooty” 

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NLE Choppa is back and he brought some friends for his new collaboration “Automobooty.” The song is a raunchy record that finds NLE spitting sexually-charged lyrics over a SkipOnDaBeat and Al Cres-produced beat. A particularly hypnotic chorus finds Modesty rapping, “Work, work, work like you know what you’re workin’/ Yeah, yeah, toot, toot, toot it and toot it/Wrist, wrist spinnin’ like an automobooty.” Brooklyn’s Lola Brooke steals the show, though, with a fiery verse spitting, “I cannot fuck with many men that I can’t tolerate/ I keep it real about my drills, that’s how I operate/ If it ain’t preached about them Ms then I can’t compensate.” “Automobooty” appears on NLE Choppa’s latest project, Cottonwood 2

SZA f/ Doja Cat, “Kill Bill (Remix)” 

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Nearly two years after SZA and Doja Cat teamed up for the majestic single “Kiss Me More,” the dynamic duo are back together on the remix of SZA’s 2022 hit “Kill Bill.” Unlike their past collaboration, Doja Cat’s rapping instead of singing, kicking off the track with a lengthy and impressive verse. Leaving the gimmicks aside, she delivers straightforward bars with vivid storytelling. “She saw me standin’ by the TV and she wouldn’t stop screamin’/ So I tried to be discreet and told her, ‘Calm your tits’/ She grabbed the kitchen knife, so I pulled out the blick,” she spits. On this verse, Doja Cat proves she’s just as much an emcee as she is a pop star. Elsewhere on the track, SZA’s beautiful vocals maintain their original luster. 

YoungBoy Never Broke Again f/ Mariah The Scientist, “Rear View” 

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Mariah The Scientist have teamed up for “Rear View,” a heartfelt record anchored in piano keys. On the track, YoungBoy shows a softer side of himself as he croons about difficulties in his relationship: “Why you treat me like I don’t mean nothin’ all to you?” Mariah The Scientist responds sweetly and sultrily, singing, “Fussin’ and fightin’, but you don’t wanna leave/ I take a look in your eyes, I don’t know what I see.” The two definitely make an unforgettable pair. “Rear View” is expected to appear on YoungBoy’s next project, Don’t Try This at Home

Saba & No I.D., “Back In Office” 

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“Back In Office” is a slick record that finds No I.D. taking charge of production while Saba commands attention on the mic. Saba lays down lengthy verses about coming up in Chicago. “My city like Gotham, but no, I am not Ben Affleck/ Turn your head into a fraction, yeah, they will take half of that/ I am not a hunter, but I grew up in that habitat,” he spits over a sinister beat. “Back In Office” is suspected to be a track from an upcoming joint project between Saba and No I.D. 

Jorja Smith, “Try Me” 

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Jorja Smith is back with new music. “Try Me” is a fun and danceable record the finds the English singer-songwriter laying down her signature, seductive vocals over a hypnotic beat. “Go ‘head try me/ ‘Cause I’m safe behind these walls/ Think you can take me through the fog where I’m no challenge,” she sings on the first verse. “Try Me” sounds like its an R&B song because of the record’s undeniable soul, but it also has pop-crossover capability. The track is expected to appear on Jorja’s long-awaited second album. 

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