Unadulterated Struggle: Trinidad Jame$ Reminds Us Why Rappers Rarely Really Freestyle

Freestyling is overrated anyway.

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So, Trinidad Jame$ went on Tim Westwood's show and spit what might be the worst freestyle we've ever heard from a rapper with a $2 million record deal. It's like watching the first part of Eli Porter's infamous freestyle all over again. Sadly for Trinidad, he never caught the holy ghost of hip-hop like Eli did midway through his rhymes to suddenly become a competent rapper. Nope, instead Trinidad went looking for inspiration in a shelf full of records. It's already been immortalized in this meme (via @MarkhamDown):


As we've previously argued, freestyling is overrated. Yes, Trinidad raps poorly in this clip. No one is saying he doesn't. But we're not even mad at Trinidad for his bars and this doesn't make us like him less. None of this means we don't enjoy the still amazing video for "All Gold Everything," nor does it mean the breakdown on "Females Welcome" isn't awesome.

We're just mad that the Atlanta rapper would actually freestyle. Trinidad, it doesn't have to be this way! All he needed to do is write some bars, memorize them, and spit those and call it a "freestyle." You know, like the way every other rapper does.

Rap fans overvalue freestyling, they see it as this amazing feat. But few popular rappers are good at it. That's why no one really freestyles, except for guys like Supernatural. Granted, Supernat is dope but it's kind of a gimmick; he points to things in the crowd and makes quick little jokes about them. That's cool for about five minutes but it's not like you want to hear an entire album of that.

So it doesn't bother us that Trinidad can't freestyle. But if that's the case, he should just avoid it and focus on making another club anthem. Next time, he should just bring a Blackberry

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