Trackmasters Recall The Making of Craig Mack's "Flava In Ya Ear"

They didn't produce the record, but they were in the studio with a reluctant Craig Mack and an insistent Puff Daddy.

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We recently spoke with Poke and Tone of legendary production duo Trackmasters and they told us the crazy stories behind the making of many classic hip-hop records. However, there was one story they shared that didn't quite fit with the rest.

Although Easy Mo Bee produced Craig Mack's 1994 classic "Flava In Ya Ear"—a song best remembered for its remix that featured a show-stealing Notorious B.I.G. verse—Trackmasters were in the studio with Puff Daddy during the making of the original record. Since today is the track's 18 year anniversary, it only makes to sense to share the borderline hilarious story of how it was crafted.

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

Trackmasters Recall The Making of "Flava In Ya Ear"

Tone: “Easy Mo Bee was just eclectic. This guy just lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn. He used to have his SP12 on the floor in his crib. It’s just how he did things. He’s a weird guy. He never got caught up in it but he had a sound. That sound he had for like two or three years. He had that noise that came out the MPC. That ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ shit.”

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