Rocko Is A Big Deal and You Ain't Even Know It

The Atlanta rapper chats with Fader.

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For the first time in years, people are talking about Rocko again, but it's for all the wrong reasons. His track “U.O.E.N.O." has been taking off recently and was poised to be his first true hit after 2007's "Umma Do Me."

However, the song has been tainted by Rick Ross and his senseless date rape raps (which may end up costing him placement on the song). It shouldn't take away from the appeal of Rocko's nonchalance drawl, but it kind of does. 

Still, it's an unfortunate turn of events for Rocko da Don and we're hoping he can weather the storm (the jury is still out on Rozay). In an interview with Fader, Rocko talked about why he doesn't like being in front of the camera and doing interviews—which would help explain why his career never really took off like it was supposed to in '07—and promises to do more of them now with his rejuvenated interest in rapping full time and being more than just a regional star. 

He also touches on how he got into the game behind the scenes. Unbeknownst to the average rap fan, but Rocko is a significant BTS player in one of America's most thriving hip-hop factories, Atlanta. He was pivotal in the careers of both Young Dro and Future, yet he tends to get overlooked as a one-hit wonder. 

If he takes his rapping career seriously, and uses his industry connections wisely, he might gain enough traction this year to rid himself of that pesky "one-hit wonder" title. And then you gone know it.

[via Fader]

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