Macklemore Instagrams Text Messages Telling Kendrick Lamar It "Sucks That I Robbed You"

Can you cop a plea at a thrift shop?

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Despite the fact that Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar squared off in many catagories—including Best Rap Album—last night during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, the two rappers have had a friendly relationship in the past. With Macklemore winning four Grammys and Kendrick winning none, the Seattle rapper has turned into quite the rap villain with fans like Michael Rapaport tweeting about how upset they are Macklemore won (much like we predicted).

Macklemore took to Instagram to post photos of text messages he sent Kendrick after the awards. Although Macklemore never actually apologizes, he admits he robbed the Compton rapper of an award that even he felt belonged to Kendrick. The caption to his photo read:


These texts come a day after Macklemore posted another text exchange between himself and Kendrick where they hyped each other up before the Grammys. However, that time we saw a back and forth between Kendrick and Macklemore. This time, we're left to wonder what Kendrick's response was, if he had any. 

There's two other questions we're wondering though. 1) Why is Kendrick listed in Macklemore's phone as "Kendrick Real." 2) Shouldn't Macklemore answer his 1133 other texts before Instagraming pics of just one text? Just saying. And 3) We're just gonna assume Macklemore doesn't have Drake, Kanye, or Jay's phone numbers, right?  

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UPDATE 1/27/2014 12:30PM: Macklemore called into Hot 97 this morning and reiterated what was said in his text message to Kendrick Lamar last night. Macklemore says Kendrick was robbed of Best Rap Album, which the Seattle rapper took home alongside his producer Ryan Lewis with The Heist. He also explains why this occurred, and it's something that Complex's Senior Editor Rob Kenner spoke about at length in a recent essay: people on the Grammy committee generally don't know who or what they're voting for.

"I think what people don't understand is what the Grammys are is a bunch of people that are on the Grammy committee or in the industry, they get a ballot. I got a ballot this year. Now, as I'm filling out the ballot, I'm realizing I don't know much outside of the genre of hip-hop in terms of what should get what award. So I'm like, oh, I don't really know about singer/songwriter or country music. People are filling out bubbles of genres they don't know about. And that's the process of it. 

Macklemore also says he planned on shouting out Kendrick during his Best New Artist award speech, but he was cut off by the music. Listen to his explanation below.

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