Kanye West to Paparazzi: "Don't Talk Ever Again"

He really hates the paparazzi.

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Here's another video to add to Kanye West's growing resume of memorable run-ins with the paparazzi. While entering LAX, a photog approached Kanye to tell him he loves his music but Yeezus wasn't hearing none of it. He sons the paparazzi, telling him, "Don't talk to me. I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know. Don't talk to me at all, and don't talk to anyone I know."

Later in the video, after Kanye walks away, the photog asks about Watch The Throne 2 and Kanye flips out again before the video abruptly ends.

The best part about all this is actually TMZ's write-up of the incident on their site. They say Kanye's reason for flipping is "simply 'cause he's an egomaniac who thinks he's bigger than the Constitution." They go on to say he "started making demands like a Fascist dictator."

If only I could write as well and hilariously as TMZ does.

As previously mentioned, Kanye has a history with the paparazzi. He recently had a memorable run-in with the paps when he walked into a sign and then flipped out at a photog. Videos like this remind us why Kanye said he hates the paparazzi worst than the Nazis. 

[via TMZ]

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