We Made GIFs From Beyoncé's 17 New Videos So You Didn't Have To

GIFs of Beyoncé smoking, popping pills, and shaking her thang.

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While we were sleeping last night, Beyoncé fucked around and dropped a whole damn album! The self-titled whole damn album features 14 new songs. However, it's been described as a "visual album" (a visual whole damn album!) and actually features 17 new videos, including videos for songs that aren't even included on the whole damn album!

Seventeen videos. Needless to say, this a whole lot of Beyoncé to take in all at once.

Surely, we'll all spend most of the weekend glued to our screens, watching the 17 videos for Beyonce's whole damn visual album. But for now, while you're at work, it's probably easier to just digest some GIFs. Here ya go!

Written by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

Things kick off with "Yoncé" where Beyoncé hangs with models are either looking her up and down, or getting ready to bow down.

Beyoncé blows smoke because it's cool and she kinda has a thing for cigars, though makes us wonder if she lights chronic as well. (It would be awesome if she did.)

Oh, and Beyoncé's butt makes it's first appearance. Yayyy! (Butt count: 1)

Next, in case you forgot Beyoncé's life is better than yours, the "XO" clip shows her having more fun than you on a roller coaster.

Band then she gives that look. You know she's got that look.

Suddenly, we're up in the favelas of ahh...we want to say Brazil? And Bey sings her heart out on "Blue."

Afterwards, it's "Ghost" where Beyoncé looks sexy. (But also, maybe, constipated?)

Whatever, she's Beyoncé so even the wind works in her favor.

Like seriously.

For "Grown Woman" Beyoncé opted to give us the GIF we always hoped for. (Butt count: 2... Or, 7.)

Then comes "Haunted" which is actually kinda creepy.

Thank goodness that's over because now we're in "Heaven" and Beyoncé is all emotional, kinda like everybody in the universe when we found out her album was out.

The clip for "Jealous" was sorta lacking, so we went right into using select shots from "Mine" there were just...

Beyoncé takes a break from making music videos to pray to the Based God.

Back home in Houston for "No Angel," Beyoncé proves she's not only better at making music than most other human beings, but also better at pumping gas.

This is for the song "Partition," where it gets all...

And all...


Phew! Apparently though, being "Pretty Hurts." (If only Beyonce had been born uglier!) 

Beyonce's poppin' pills. Chea! 

And then her butt pops up again in "Flawless." (Butt count: 3)

And Beyonce skips rope with an invisible rope.

Score one for the home team! (It's the Roc!)

Then it's the "Rocket," and things get... sensual.

Ahh yes.


But then she hit us with that "I'ma a diva" strut on "Superpower" to remind us not to get chummy.

Only to cool off on the beach in "Drunk In Love."

And more butts! (Butt count: 4)

This is the vid for "Blow." Beyonce sniffin'.

What's a post-Miley video without some tongue?

And one last look at her butt. (Butt count: 5)

(All right, one more look. We know you like looking at her butt.)

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