Afroman Arrested for Punching a Female Fan in the Face

The assault happened onstage in Mississippi.

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Update 2/18/2015: Afroman headed to TMZ Live! earlier this afternoon to explain a recent incident where he punched a female fan onstage. He says he's headed to inpatient anger management rehab but blamed the hecklers at his show, and the girl onstage, for the incident. Watch it all unfold below: 

Afroman was arrested tonight for punching a female fan in the face onstage. The "Because I Got High" rapper was playing the guitar during a performance in Biloxi, Miss., a town of 44,000 people, when he uppercutted woman who came onstage. He continued his set until the house lights were turned off and his music cut out. Witnesses say cops brought him off the stage and handcuffed him outside the venue. 

A rep for Afroman told TMZ the rapper didn't know the fan's gender and that security had done a poor job of keeping people off of the stage. 

We'll have more as the story develops. 

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