Migos Talks the Dab's Origins, Watching the Atlanta Falcons Piss Away the Super Bowl on 'SportsCenter'

Migos was on 'SportsCenter' on Wednesday to talk about the dab's origins and watching the Atlanta Falcons piss away the Super Bowl.

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On Wednesday, Migos was on SportsCenter where they did an interview with Cari Champion. While they were in the studio, they broke down the dab, which can easily be tied to sports seeing as how dozens of coaches busted it out, and Cam Newton did it pretty much every 45 seconds for close to a year.

In case you're wondering what the origins of the celebration of yester-year was, the trio did their best to clear it up. They began by countering an offscreen producer who said they weren't the ones who came up with it.

"We just needed something to break the stage," said Quavo, as transcribed by Billboard. "We used to always go on stage and be like 'We gotta do this drop. We gotta do this drop on a song called 'Emmitt Smith.' So, we made a song named 'Emmitt Smith' and it just started going crazy. It just started breaking the stage.

"Every video the producer was like 'Drop man! Y'all gotta do that drop.' At first, it used to be called 'Ugh!' But then, we used to be real fresh and everybody be like 'Look at my Dab. Look at my Dab.' So, we did it at the same time. So, it was really a way of fashion. Dabbing was a way of fashion that turned into a dance." 

Takeoff then chimed in that they were "just doing it for the fun," and that it just took off from there.

The Georgia-based group also talked about their favorite NFL players, kind of tried to improv a highlight, and spoke on how much it sucked to watch a freakin' team they're fans of, that was capable of making the Super Bowl, *cough* Atlanta Falcons *cough* blow a 28-3 lead in the biggest game of the year.

Watch the entire video above, which is hopefully fast forwarded to the relevant parts but sometimes doesn't work right. Start at the 1:04 mark if it doesn't.

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