Don't expect to see Cam Newton, the man who heroically and fearlessly brought the dab to professional football, dabbing on your TV this fall. The Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP is working on a new move to replace his signature, Migos-inspired celebration.

"I have to put that aside,'' Newton said Thursday during a radio interview in Charlotte.


Here it is folks! Check out the full interview this morning on @MacAttackWFNZ.

Listen here:

— WFNZ-AM (@wfnz) June 9, 2016

Years from now, perhaps a 30 for 30 will take us back to the beautiful, ephemeral time in American history when the dab was cool.

Below are five people we can partially blame for helping kill the dab. Murderers.

1. Ed Werder

2. Cris Carter

3. Hillary Clinton

4. National Spelling Bee Contestants

5. Roger Goodell

RIP, dab. You were too beautiful for this world. 

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