Asian Doll Denies Rumors of Beef Between King Von and YoungBoy Never Broke Again

In a clip pulled from Instagram Live, Asian Doll attempted to hush rumors that there was any beef between Youngboy and King Von before the latter's death.

Asian Doll and King Von performing

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Asian Doll and King Von performing

Using no uncertain terms, Asian Doll denied that there was any sort of lingering beef that existed between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and King Von prior to the latter rapper's death earlier this month.

The rumors had been ongoing, largely because of YoungBoy's association with Quando Rondo (who was involved in an altercation with Von before he was shot and killed in a parking lot outside a club in Atlanta on November 6).

But, according to Asian Doll, no such feud existed despite ongoing internet speculation. 

"I got a song with Youngboy. Von got a song with Youngboy. Who the opp?" she said in the footage below. "Only opps is you opp ass people in our mothafuckin' business, bitch. Back to my mothafuckin' story, bitch."

Though it sounds like she was done, she was not. She added a little more to that with a string of similar denials. 

"This n***a talkin' 'bout the mothafuckin' opps," she continued. "That ain't even his opps. Get your clown ass on. You don't even know what the fuck you talkin' 'bout. That's how y'all know you just talkin'. Y'all just makin' up all this shit in y'all mothafuckin' head 'cause that shit sounds good and that shit look good but it ain't that." 

The spirit of that sentiment falls in line with similar comments made by Von before his death. Notably, during a conversation with Akademiks, he claimed any talk of rumors between the two having beef was factually incorrect. 

Anyway, should you want to, you can watch Asian Doll speak on the subject below:

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