Is Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" Music Video Based On a True Story?

Was Rihanna's new video inspired by real-life drama?

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Did Rihanna just play out an actual murder fantasy and give it to us as a music video? Rih gets more creative with each album, so it's not shocking that she conceived and co-directed the cinematic visual, stylistically evocative of the late Tony Scott, for her latest banger "Bitch Better Have My Money." But in this case it's highly probable that she drew from more than just her own imagination. Upon recalling a legal issue she was embroiled in back in 2012 and up until as recently as last year, then it would seem art is imitating life.

In the video the titular "bitch" who owes her bread turns out to be her accountant (played by Hannibal himself, Mads Mikkelsen), who's off acting out "Pour It Up," raining Rih's money everywhere but her pockets—where it belongs. But do remember, back in 2012 Rih launched a lawsuit against her actual accountant at the time, Peter Gournis of Berdon LLP. The suit claimed that Gournis was to blame for RiRi's fiscally disastrous 2009, which saw her go from $11 million at the top of the year to a measly $2 million by its end. The same year Gournis heavily encouraged her to cop a $7.5 million mansion that ended up being a mold-riddled lost cause that she had to later sell at a $2 million loss. Gournis and Berdon, who'd been managing Rih's finances since her young start, also netted 22 percent of the revenue from her Last Girl on Earth tour from commission charges, without alerting her to the fact that it was hemorrhaging money, while Rih only received 6 percent.

Of course, since firing said fuccbois Rihanna's net worth has soared to $53 million. The lawsuit was only recently resolved with Gournis and Rih settling for an undisclosed amount just last year. But apparently the grudge is lingering. Or, Rihanna just doesn't put up with any bullshit—ever. Either way, this is the artistic expression Rih needed to do before she returned to laying naked on all her Ms.

In the meantime though, Peter Gournis should keep an extra eye on Mrs. Gournis, just in case.

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