Rick Ross Adds a Verse to Post Malone's "White Iverson"

Renzel flows over Post Malone's hit song.

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With his eighth studio album, Black Market, on the way, Rick Ross is in full promo mode. And we know what that means: new additions to the #RandomRozayRemix catalog, Rozay's practice of hopping on any given hot song within the last several months and tacking a new verse onto the beginning before letting the song play in full. (Surely the fact that he's in the crib bored on house arrest contributed to this random drop-off.) It's a smart play that encourages you to actually keep his version if you like his verse since it retains the original as well. Remember how casually he upgraded 2 Chainz's "Spend It"?

The latest #RandomRozayRemix is Post Malone's "White Iverson," which is especially random given this song's been making noise since spring. Renzel flows over the smooth beat about typical Renzel topics—his girl, his Ferraris, the strength of his team—for 90 seconds before he gives the track back to Post. You can just picture the haze of weed smoke in his crib while he played this song on repeat before finally deciding to just hop on it. Take a listen below.


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