Yesterday, the MMG Empire saw their fare share of turmoilMeek Mill called out Wale after comments he made on Meek's beef with Drake, and then declared that Wale wasn't in MMG. If you forgot, Meek said the exact same thing when he called out Wale last summer for not tweeting about his album.

This time around, Wale kept pretty calm with his response and decided to show his love for MMG on Twitter and Instagram through a few clever posts. Meek since deleted the comments about Wale from his page, but it's clear that things may not be so great within the MMG collective right now. 

In the meantime, Rick Ross seemed to be going about his business and doing what he always does: promote MMG. He was almost oblivious to the fact that two of his MMG members were fighting. To make things even more confusing, Meek hinted at Wale being upset with Ross and MMG over money issue. The whole thing was just messy as hell. 

And still, there was Ross, promoting the upcoming MMG album Self Made 4,on his Instagram and Snapchat like nothing was going on. He took it a step further, and shouted out both Wale and Meek on his Snap, too. Wale went along with it, and posted his MMG tattoo on Instagram, while Rozay shared a clip of him performing and included the caption, "Never question THE EMPIRE #MMG." 

All we really have for MMG right now are questions. Is Ross simply trying to deflect attention from Meek and Wale going at it again? Was this all a planned work to get people talking about the album? Is Wale more MMG than Meek right now? Does Meek just need to snap at everybody at this point? 

In his now-deleted post, Meek said that his response to Wale was going to be the last thing he put on the Internet for awhile. That might be a good idea for Meek (he's currently working on DC4​!), but the issues with MMG won't go away anytime soon. It even looks like Meek deleted MMG from the bio on both his Twitter and Instagram. The state of MMG has never seemed more shaky. Will it work this time? Only time will tell. As Rozay would say though, Self Made 4 is on the way.