Katy Perry Takes a Moment to Shade Taylor Swift Over the Nicki Minaj VMA Debacle

Katy Perry has commented on yesterday's VMA fracas between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

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We're coming in at just under 24 hours since Taylor Swift misguidedly injected herself into Nicki Minaj's issue with the MTV VMAs, and things have yet to fully cool off. Dozens of publications covered Taylor's public misconception, a dozen more thinkpieces were written about how some of those publications covered it wrongly, the validity of Minaj's initial point, and the ramifications of Swift's decision to make Nicki's comments more personal than they probably were. When she called Nicki out for using her VMA Video of the Year snub to pit women against women, many pointed out that the song Swift is nominated for in the first place, "Bad Blood," does just that as a thinly veiled subliminal aimed at pop-nemesis Katy Perry.

Now, Katy's offered her own commentary, basically saying just that:

She moved on from the Taylor issue quickly though, to instead lament the snubbing of Rihanna's widely well-received visual for "Bitch Better Have My Money."

We'll see if Nicki, who has been retweeting favorable essays on the subject all day, or Taylor, respond.

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