Uncle Luke Says JAY-Z Is the NFL's 'Token Black Guy'

The Miami native has been critical of this year's Super Bowl halftime performers.

Uncle Luke slammed JAY-Z and the NFL for their Super Bowl halftime performers during a recent interview with TMZ

"[The NFL is] basically showing that, 'Aye look, let me go get a token black guy, throw him out there, say we're dealing with systemic racism and say we're having him involved with the entertainment," Luke began. "It specifically said that JAY-Z would be involved with the systemic racism and the entertainment. Right now, that's an F."

Luke's crusade began last week, when the rapper wrote an article in the Miami News Times that criticized JAY-Z and the NFL for choosing Shakira and Jennifer Lopez as this year's Super Bowl halftime performers. According to Luke, he thinks Hov should have enlisted local acts like Rick Ross, Pitbull, and others. The Miami legend accompanied his editorial with an Instagram video in which he claimed JAY-Z was in "violation of the G code."

Luke doubled down on that sentiment while talking to TMZ. He feels like Jigga should have put his partnership on the line to increase inclusivity. "If they did this and you were at the table... then JAY-Z should have put in his resignation at that point," Luke said. "If he does not resign or they don't make this right then [the NFL] is actually using him."

While Luke's frustration is understandable, it should be noted that the full list of halftime performers has yet to be announced. There will reportedly be "more surprise acts" announced before the actual show, which may or may not include Pitbull.

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