Tory Lanez Imagines a Rap Battle With Pusha-T: 'The Way I Would Smoke Him Would Be Unfair'

"I love Push...but the way I would smoke him would be unfair."

Tory Lanez visits the The Lord Sear Special show

Image via Getty/Roy Rochlin

Tory Lanez visits the The Lord Sear Special show

With Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas embroiled in a lyrical sparring session, Lanez decided to reaffirm the weight of his bars by letting it be known that he could 'smoke' any rapper including the giant killer himself, Pusha-T

On Wednesday (Nov. 21), after Lucas and Lanez exchanged playful punches, the internet was buzzing about Lanez's  Joyner Lucas diss-record, "Litty Again." Although Lanez has proven himself a respectable lyricist in the past, many were surprised at the level of intensity that the artist known mostly for singing brought to this "battle." This led DJ Akademiks (whose show, Everyday Struggle, was mentioned in "Litty Again") to take to instagram to ask his followers if Lanez would be victorious in a sportsman-like competition with Pusha-T.

"Na bruh.. after hearing that last Tory song.. he feeling himself too much lyrically.. we need someone to humble him," Akademiks' caption reads. "If he battled PUSHA T. Who y’all think would win????"

This sparked a heated debate in the post's comment section, leading Lanez himself to let it be known he is confident in all aspects of his talents with a few comments of his own. 

"I love Push... but the way I would smoke him would be unfair," Lanez replied before challenging King Push to engage in a playful rap fade like the one with Lucas. 

"Matter of fact tell him to set it up too," Lanez wrote. "We are accepting all smoke." 

Although this was all in jest, Push has historically proven himself as the kid in the neighborhood that "doesn't know how" to slapbox. With the first—and only—cut of his infamous "Surgical Summer," Push was able to maim rap Goliath Drake and end a beef that Pusha insists was based on rap music/culture like the Lanez and Lucas "disses." Yet, despite possibly biting off more than he can chew, Lanez's fearlessness is admirable while his focus on rekindling friendly competitions in rap is refreshing. That's something missing from the growing genre.

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