Listen to Rod Wave's New Single, "Pray 4 Love"

'Pray 4 Love' will be Wave's second studio album and is set to be released on April 3.

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Rod Wave has returned with a brand new single, "Pray 4 Love."

Though Wave has captivated audiences with his soulful vocals, here he showcases his versatility by putting together a flurry of bars centered around his hardships. 

"Who can you trust?/In this cold, cold world, better get a blanket/It's worse/Than the wild, wild, west shit gets dangerous," Wave spits before touching on his struggles as a youth. 

"Momma made me feel, like I overstayed my welcome/So packed up my shit and went for self, like where's the fellas?" Wave continues, over an instrumental produced by Tre Gilliam. "Ain't no love in this shit until you get rich and famous/And these hoes want rappers or ballplayers."

Although Wave is rapping throughout most of the song, the track's title comes from a section of the single where he quickly harmonizes the phrase "I pray for love" before going back to spewing lyrics. 

"Pray 4 Love" is the title track for Wave's upcoming project. Pray 4 Love will be his second studio album, and is set to be released on April 3. With this project, Wave is looking to continue the success of his debut album, Ghetto Gospel, which featured the remix of his breakout single "Heart on Ice."

Listen to Rod Wave's new track, "Pray 4 Love," above. 

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