Isaiah Rashad Drops Video for New Single "Lay Wit Ya" f/ Duke Deuce

The release of Isaiah Rashad’s new single with Duke Duece on Friday gives the impression that he’s the next TDE artist who is set to drop an album.

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Isaiah Rashad strengthens his Tennessee roots with his latest single, “Lay Wit Ya,” featuring Duke Deuce. Rashad also shared the Omar Jones-directed music video for the track, which you can watch up top. 

On the song, the Chattanooga native chooses to attack an instrumental inspired by Three 6 Mafia’s “Ridin’ in the Chevy.” Being from Memphis, the Triple 6 crunk influenced beat fit Duke Deuce like a glove.

“Tough decisions in this rappin’ business, ain’t no bein’ friendly,” Duke spits. “Old niggas turned to enemies, now I’m seeing plenty/Strictly business, they like ‘Duke, you’re tripping,’ bitch, I need a milli’/Plenty people used to sleep up on me, now I’m seeking vengeance/Cold ice and cold heart, bitch, you know we strictly pimping.”

Last week TDE had the internet in a frenzy when it teased that one of its artists, now known to be Rashad, is loading up for a new project. 

The rollout for Rashad’s new The House is Burning project has officially begun with the release of “Lay Wit Ya.” TDE also treated fans for being so patient by holding a live premiere for the “Lay Wit Ya” music video in Los Angeles on Thursday. Those in attendance got to see the visual a day in advance and receive exclusive gifts. 

Rashad said making was The House is Burning “was difficult.” He explained, “I love music, but I don’t like to say shit. It’s almost like a game for me. It’s like working out. I don’t want to be redundant. Redundancy in general bothers me. Any song that I make, I usually make it in about 30 minutes to an hour, and that’s it. My ideas come to me immediately.”

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