Cam'ron Defends Jay-Z's Drug Dealing Past After Faizon Love Calls Him Out

Cam'ron came to Jay-Z's defense after Faizon Love said that while he enjoys Jay's music, he doesn't believe the rapper ever really dealt drugs.

Shawn "Jay Z" Carter speaks onstage

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Shawn "Jay Z" Carter speaks onstage

Jay-Z built his career on telling realistic accounts of his career as a drug dealer, but during an appearance on the Hip-Hop Uncensored podcast, comedian Faizon Love took aim at Jay. Faizon said that while he enjoys Jay's music, he doesn't believe the rapper's narcotic-laced tales.

"I like Jay-Z. I like him as a guy and the whole thing he created about this fake dope dealing," Faizon said around the interview's 18-minute mark. "That's when I stopped liking him. This nigga ain't sold no cocaine in his life—I don't think he's ever won a fight." 

Faizon went on to say that Jigga's music only tell the spoils of his cocaine route but never the trials and tribulations that come along with the profession. 

"There's no stories of the other side," he continued. "Somebody going to bust you. Nobody ever sold you pancake? ... All this shit sounds like an episode of Miami Vice."

And since Hov doesn't spend too much time on social media, Cam'ron came to his defense,  he explaining that "Hustlers Respect Hustlers," and that despite their past public difference he has to vouch for Jay-Z. 

"I know me and Hov haven’t had the best relationship (publicly) but Faizon don’t know what the fuck he’s talking bout," Cam'ron captioned an image of Faizon on the podcast. "Weather legally or illegally niggas got to it."

To add to Cam'ron's defense, part of Hov's early appeal was the way he broke down the nuances of drug dealing. Jay often explained the losses that he took while selling drugs, recounting the time when he was shot at three-times at close-range, lost 92 kilos of cocaine, and other unfortunate events. He also detailed the impact selling drugs had on his mental health and those around him.

Although it would be dry snitching for anyone to go into a full description of Hov's past, Killa's co-sign in addition to the well-rounded picture Jay-Z paints of drug dealing in his music basically eliminates the foundation for Faizon Love's theory. 

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