The Biggest Takeaways From Young Thug's New Project 'So Much Fun'

Young Thug's new project 'So Much Fun' has arrived. These are our first impressions and key takeaways after a first listen.

Young Thug 'So Much Fun' album takeaways

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Young Thug 'So Much Fun' album takeaways

Two years after the release of his last full-length solo project, Beautiful Thugger Girls, Young Thug's new project has arrived. After a few title changes, he settled on So Much Fun, because the project is full of "fucking parade music." Or at least that's what he told No Jumper last month. "It ain't no storylines to it," he added. "This shit is all about fun. If you're not having fun or in a fun mood, don't even play this album." So, did Thug deliver a project full of songs perfect for the end of summer? Is it his biggest and best project yet? After an initial spin on Friday, we gathered our thoughts and wrote down our first impressions. These are the biggest takeaways from a first listen of Young Thug's new project, So Much Fun.

Young Thug is still a genius at naming songs

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“What's the Move” with Lil Uzi Vert is a work of art

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If you can't appreciate the beauty of Thug and Uzi singing over the sounds of birds chirping, you might need to reevaluate some things. The early standout on So Much Fun is easily "What's the Move." Sure, I like the "Harambe" Young Thug who growls and squawks over hard-hitting beats as much as anyone, but there's something to be said for the songs where he slows things down a little and sings over stripped-down production. Uzi sounds great on this, too, dropping immediately quotable lines like, "Drip, drip, no shoestring my sneaker, won't trip/My jeans is so tight they don't fit." No wonder this is already trending on YouTube within hours of its release. This sounds like something that should be playing at my wedding. Fuck it, play this at my funeral. —Eric Skelton

He avoided the temptation to make a bunch of big pop radio songs

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He’s putting on for YSL

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He answers the ‘question of the century’

Young Thug 'Jeffery' cover

The project lives up to its title, and it's inspiring memes

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Fans are going nuts over So Much Fun, and to commemorate the project, they've been flooding timelines with hilarious memes. The majority of the meme love has been reserved for the project’s features, specifically "Sup Mate" with Future and "What’s the Move?" featuring Lil Uzi Vert. Most of the memes display images of Uzi or a comparison of Pluto and Slime to other dynamic duos in pop culture. Thug told fans that this project was meant for listeners to have fun, and they've obliged. We're here for it. —Jessica McKinney

Young Thug composing album “So Much Fun” - 2019 (colorized)

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He capitalized on one of the best opportunities of his career

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