The Biggest Takeaways From the Second Night of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

Episodes 3 and 4 of Lifetime's docuseries 'Surviving R. Kelly' aired on Friday night. These are the biggest takeaways.

The third and fourth episodes of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries aired on Friday night, revealing new details about decades of alleged sexual misconduct. After night one outlined the early stages of Kelly’s career and his relationship with Aaliyah, night two focused on his infamous sex tape and the child pornography trial that followed. Weaving together deeply personal interviews with survivors, family members, associates, psychologists, and more, each episode surfaced new revelations about R. Kelly’s years of alleged abuse. Here are nine major takeaways from night two of Surviving R. Kelly.

R. Kelly allegedly met a 16-year-old victim at his child pornography trial

r kelly getty bennett raglin

R. Kelly was allegedly physically abusive and starved victims for days at a time

r kelly getty jerod harris

Survivor Lisa Van Allen says R. Kelly’s associates talked about killing her

r kelly getty kmazur

R. Kelly’s team reportedly offered 6-figure payments for people to change their stories

r kelly scott legato

R. Kelly reportedly knew that filming his own sexual acts would “destroy” him

rkelly getty prince williams

He had a large support system of enablers

r kelly tim mosenfelder

Record executives reportedly ignored rumors of misconduct

r kelly kevin mazur getty

A juror on the child pornography trial “didn’t like” the women or how they dressed and talked

r kelly getty michael caulfield

R. Kelly’s ex-wife says she suffered abuse and trauma

andrea kelly chance yeh getty

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