Blueface Illustrates His Biggest Songs "Thotiana," "Next Big Thing," and "Bleed It"

Rising Los Angeles rapper Blueface came through Complex's office, picked up a blue pen, and illustrated three of his most popular songs.

Los Angeles rapper Blueface blew up over the last few months on the strength of songs like "Thotiana" and "Next Big Thing," which paired his unique offbeat flow with witty one-liners like, "Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch him slippin'."

When the 22-year-old rapper came through Complex's New York office on Monday, we hooked him up with some markers and asked if he could illustrate his biggest songs. Naturally, he picked the blue Sharpie and drew himself holding a mop.

"I feel like my rise is connected to my lyrics, my look, my dance, my character, it all feeds into the same funnel, which is me, myself," he told us, explaining the reason behind his sudden ascent. "Definitely the looks, you know."

While sharing his visual interpretation of "Thotiana," Blueface explained how the remix with YG came together. "I met YG through my manager Wack 100," he said. "They're in cahoots, I guess. He actually fit the role for the remix. He's a West Coast ratchet L.A. artist. I'm a West Coast ratchet L.A. artist. It made perfect sense and it worked perfect. Shit's viral."

Check out the full interview (and see all of Blueface's drawings) up top.

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