Bhad Bhabie Trashes Iggy Azalea on New Remix: 'That Old Hoe Is Washed'

Bhad Bhabie has Iggy in her crosshairs.

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Danielle Bregoli isn't slowing down. Fully capitalizing on her moment in the sun, the Cash Me Ousside girl has been dropping a steady stream of new songs and videos as Bhad Bhabie, and now it looks like she has her very own rap beef.

Tuesday afternoon, Bregoli dropped the remix to "Hi Bich" featuring YBN Nahmir, Rich the Kid, and Asian Doll. On a new verse, Bregoli calls out Iggy Azalea directly: "Bitch don't compare me to Iggy/That old hoe is washed, And I'm lit/Wouldn't pay her to wash up my whip.​"

After Bregoli started making rap songs and signed a deal with Atlantic Records in 2017, fans and publications have been comparing the viral Dr. Phil guest to Azalea. One headline even reads: Move Over Iggy Azalea: Bhad Bhabie Is Coming for the White Girl Spot in the Rap Game.

Speaking on repetitive cultural appropriation comments she's received from hip-hop fans, Bregoli told Fader in December, "I look at that cultural appropriation shit and I just ignore it because it’s ridiculous, it really is. You cannot act a color. Do not tell me I’m acting black because I’m not. I’m acting 'urban,' or whatever you want to call it. I don’t even have a name for it, I call it, 'me.' How I act is me. I get braids all the time, you can’t tell me I’m acting black because I braid my hair. That makes no sense whatsoever. One race does something more than another race."

As for the Iggy diss, Azalea has yet to respond, but fans are already chiming in with varied reactions. You can hear the remix above and continue for some early fan responses.

@BhadBhabie did you just diss @IGGYAZALEA ... first of all ... iggy been here longer than you and she actually has a career! You’ll be washed soon enough. You better show some respect to iggy. I think you lost your mind ... literally. You must be on drugs. Not surprised tho

— trey (@itstreywtf) January 16, 2018

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