Rick Ross Has Signed With Epic Records

New label, new beginnings.

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Rick Ross has found a new label to call home.

According to multiple social media reports, Renzel has signed with Epic Records. Here are some Instagram posts from earlier today, as well as a confirmation from Epic that says the Miami rapper has made the move.


Ross has been signed to Def Jam since 2006. He has put out eight studio albums under the label, including last year’s Black Market. Many have speculated Ross was signing with Epic after he shared photos of him together with L.A. Reid.

Breyon Prescott • LA Reid • Biggest #EPICRECORDS 👀 pic.twitter.com/yKypqovmNE

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Rozay gave even more hints that he was heading over to Epic when he admitted that negotiations for his contract as a solo artist were already underway.

"I’ma be honest, right now we are in the middle of re-negotiations. It’s a lot of people coming to the table. It’s a lot of people bringing a lot of new excitement to the table," he said. "It is my last album [with] Def Jam Records. I’ve been nothing but successful, they been a part of everything that I’ve created. They helped built this empire that I am a part of, and I respect and love them for that. Right now, you know where we at, ya dig? Most definitely, shout out to L.A. Reid, ya dig?”

From the looks of it, Ross has signed a solo deal, but it is possible it could include Maybach Music Group and its artists in the future. Stay tuned.

My big homie blessed. New deal bigger than his first deal ... Talk about shit being #Epic ... Boy!

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