Watch Peter Rosenberg Kick a Fire Freestyle About Thanksgiving Dinner

Watch Peter Rosenberg drop a fire freestyle about Thanksgiving and diss Shia LaBeouf.

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Wow, Peter Rosenberg really has some bars.

It’s Friday, which usually mean everyone in your office is pretty loosened up and getting ready for the weekend. The Hot 97 staff wanted to get their listeners excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. What better way to get your mouth watering than having Rosenberg freestyle about the best Turkey Day side dishes? "Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes..."

Mind you, this also kind of doubles as a diss to his detractors. Rosenberg goes in with lines like “Got a fried turkey for all of you haters/Pants extra loose style—AC Slater.” He even tosses a dig at Cowboys’ Tony Romo for being benched and Dak Prescott taking his starting position as quarterback. “Redskins, Cowboys, gotta see that/Romo on the bench, best believe that!”

Rosenberg wasn’t finished. Near the end, he lets the beat breathe a bit before going in again: “Shia LaBeouf did something last week that made me feel some type of way. I know it’s the holidays, but as a Jewish dude he didn’t even come talk to me about getting in the game?”

Uh oh. Rosenberg doesn’t hesitate to send LaBeouf a few disses for the checkmate. “Shia LaBeouf you gotta face facts/You only started rapping because your film career is wack/Speaking of wack, your tattoos are that/If you saw Biggie, you’d probably get smacked.”

Damnnnnn. What are the odds that LaBeouf actually responds? He did just smash his "Five Fingers of Death" freestyle last week. In the meantime, check out Rosenberg flexing his rhymes above, and imagine these two going bar for bar.

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