Kid Ink And DJ Mustard Deliver A Christmas Gift With 'Summer In The Winter'

Some new anthems for the holidays.

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Kid Ink’s Full Speed was released in the beginning of 2015 and entertained the entire year with catchy tunes like “Body Language,” “Hotel,” and “Be Real.” Before we head into 2016, Kid Ink is back with another full-length project to possibly soundtrack next year.

Teaming up with DJ Mustard, Summer in the Winter is another album containing some potential radio smashes. Tracks like “Bunny Ranch” and “Promise” with Fetty Wap are valid contenders for song of the summer. Summer in the Winter also includes a rare appearance from Akon on “Rewind,” who recites a well-known Salt-N-Pepaline on the chorus.You can stream Summer in the Winter via Spotify, below.

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