Kanye West Was Really Serious About 'WAVES' Being a Gospel Album

'WAVES' is almost here.

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As we get closer to the release date of WAVES, Kanye West has been sharing who he's working with in the studio on social media. Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited for G.O.O.D. Fridays and the album.

After revealing he’s collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, Swizz Beatz and more, 2 Chainz just uploaded a photo on Instagram that shows Kanye, Mike Dean, A$AP Bari and … Kirk Franklin? That’s right, the gospel musician is making music with ‘Ye, leading us to believe he wasn’t joking around when he said WAVES was actually a gospel album.

Chainz also shared 'Ye's notepad with his signature on it. There's some new additions to it, too:

Anthony Kilhoffer, hip-hop producer who has worked with Kanye in the past.
DJ Dodger Stadium, the duo of Jerome Potter and Samo Sound Boy.
Kim Kardashian, his wife of course.
Kirk Franklin,the Grammy award-winning gospel singer.

Team Kanye Daily captured Chainz' Snapchats of 'Ye turning up in the studio. Do you think he's dropping a G.O.O.D. Fridays track tonight?

More of Kanye in the studio tonight via Snapchat. pic.twitter.com/lf8G5cJvSY

Tracey Mills shared another photo of the squad in the studio. French Montana was there too.

Here's more from the session last night:

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