Is Nas and Frank Ocean's "No Such Thing as White Jesus" Collaboration Coming Soon?

According to Hit-Boy, the hard drive with the song on it is recovered.

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It was revealed in a New York Times profile with Frank Ocean that he collaborated with Nas on a song called “No Such Thing as White Jesus.” However, due to a technological mishap, the track produced by Hit-Boy was lost. The hard drive could not be recovered and prevented Ocean from recreating his vocals.

Now, Hit-Boy shared with his Twitter followers that one of his friends, Ricky Anderson, found the hard drive. Hit sounded pretty relieved and explained where the hard drive was hidden. He didn’t say if the finished product of “No Such Thing as White Jesus” would be dropping soon. But at least it gives fans hope that we could be hearing the song in the future. Check out his tweets below.

It's a miracle. @rickyanderson found the infamous blue drive with the vocals from the Nas/frank ocean pro tools session and many more hits.
That drive had been missing for 7 months. The drive was packed up with Kanye equipment from some sessions I had with him in April.
Thank you God!
Me and @caseyveggies really got a incredible song together. This beat is so stupid.

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