Here's What Iggy Azalea Plans On Naming Her Next Single

Is Iggy season almost here?

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Not Available Lead

Iggy Azalea participated in answering some fan questions on Twitter yesterday, and revealed details on her upcoming album Digital Distortion and plans for new music in January.

A few weeks ago, Iggy previewed a snippet of “7Teen” that led many of her fans to believe this would be her official single. She debunked those rumors by telling a curious fan that “Team” would be the lead single off DD. She explains it as "20% meaningful, 70% bop, 10% ratchet." Listen to a snippet of "Team" that she shared on Twitter below.

@drowningforiggy no, you're right its not old at all. its still a baby infact.
@azalealex @drowningforiggy no. lead is TEAM. meaning: ive got my own back, i iam my own team. 20% meaningful 70% bop 10% ratchet
@TaylorDTTT i dunno T, this outro is speaking to me and the answer sounds like a yaaaaaassssss.

In Iggy’s reply to another fan, she explains she’ll be singing more on DD, so we can expect melodies from her.

@HausOfIggz nope not at all, same amount as i did my last album but a slighty different approach.
@JoaquinIgnacio hahaha, i dunno its like yelling/singing. shouting melodically hahaha.

“Team” won’t be releasing next month, but she promises more content such as buzz songs and viral videos in January. These set of songs won’t be available for iTunes, she says, but rather on other online platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube.

@IggsBae NO lead in jan - but content, buzz songs, viral videos and other cool stuff in Jan. :-)
@HausOfIggz i knowwwwwww. lol! but its obvious in its sound its not intended for radio consumption. plus wont be on itunes.
@ArissaAyala yeah different online platforms like soundcloud, youtube etc.

Finally, she gives a bit of insight on the recording process of DD. She hasn’t worked with The Invisible Men for this album, but confirms the majority of the production is done by the collective D.R.U.G.S. She also mentions collaborating with Diplo on some songs, but none of them will be on DD. Sonically, she explains that pop is a major influence, as well as other genres.

@azalealex They dont have any production on DD so i havent worked with them.
@iggyseason i can tell you i did some things for him, im not sure if he will use them or not. my album is only d.r.u.g.z production
@QuickTime_ ive NEVER sounded the way i LOOK - isnt that why the girls are mad to begin with? things are less "pop" on DD than TNC. :-)
@QuickTime_ ironically, i refer to myself as pop all the time. even on this new album. pop IS an influence. so are many other things. . .
@QuickTime_ I AGREE wholeheartedly, music is not 1 dimensional & niether are people. Iam different things depending on my mood. :-)

It sounds like Iggy is hard at work on Digital Distortion. 2016 could mark the return of Iggy season.

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