Hodgy Beats Calls Out Tyler, The Creator for Being a Fraud (UPDATED)

Odd Future is crumbling again.

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UPDATE 11/16/15: Hodgy and Tyler just posted a video on Instagram, and basically ended their issues before they even started. 

Over the weekend, the 4th annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival kicked off in Los Angeles. It’s been common knowledge these past few months that Odd Future aren’t on speaking terms, and Hodgy Beats opened up about the situation in a series of tweets after speaking to the audience earlier in the day.

@HASHISHBEATS you spoke some real shit tonight man, straight up this is why I fuck with you heavy as a person HB you a real honest human.
@HASHISHBEATS I agree with your words at the carnival man. You're a dope dude keep doing your shit can't wait to her new music
Do your hw
@HASHISHBEATS you what the game needs rn, and that's artists that are free thinkers who keep it real. Can't wait for ur new work comin out
I feel good bc I stood up for the ones who are too afraid to say it but they feel that way. Position of power. https://t.co/wRCxKPo1fs
think about who built the name OF together as a unit. Now Think about who took the first initial shit on OF. https://t.co/rxNPnjlL1Y
If it wasn't for OF where would Tyler be? https://t.co/FOMUJgkg6x
Be mad at the truth.
I have no more words for none of you. You wanna talk come see me. #mindgone

From there, he shared on Instagram more of his reasons why he called out Tyler, the Creator:

“Call me jealous. Just don’t call my phone. Tyler is a fraud. He turned his back on n****s that never crossed him and I’m not just speaking for myself only… Where Earl go? I know he had no part in the carnival.”

He continued, “This is a business. Remember that all you see is only brought to your eyes. I know everything that goes on in the background and I respect him enough not to blast that. Just know a young n***a changing faces.”

Tyler has yet to respond on social media, but he did address Hodgy’s words later on that evening. In the video below, you can watch at the 39:30 mark where Tyler airs out his frustrations about putting his friends on.

Back in May, Earl may have responded to Tyler's initial comments implying that the group had disbanded. With Hodgy's words in mind, is OF officially done?

no sympathy for male virgins who're in their feelings about tyler pointing out and solidifying the obvious.

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