EP Premiere: Asaad "#TROY"

The Philly rapper drops some new music before 006.

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Asaad is a North Philly product destined for big things. Whereas Meek Mill is putting the city in a national spotlight with his street narratives, Asaad is breaking through with his unique story. It helps that he has poignant releases—Dirty Middle Class and #WHITE to name a few—that are gratifying listens layered with lyricism.

Before Asaad drops his anticipated project, 006, he offers nine more new tracks on #TROY. Each cut shows his musical progression and lives up to expectations. There’s his tribute to Staten Island MC Raekwon on “Raekwon Rap,” as well as notable beat contributions from producer Problem. Once again, Asaad flexes his sharp rhymes with welcomed introspection. With this latest release, he has continued to build interest as a underground fan favorite. Check out #TROY below.

EP: Asaad #TROY

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