It Sounds Like Drake Took a Shot at Tory Lanez on "Summer Sixteen"

Is this a reference to Tory Lanez?

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Drake’s heating up Views From the 6 season with his latest single, “Summertime Sixteen.” In his eyes, Drizzy’s the undisputed 6 God and sends a message on the track with this line:


Drake is likely referring to Tory Lanez, who is under the umbrella of New Toronto. He’s been in the spotlight lately thanks to successful records like “Say It.” There are times when his music is compared to Drake, but he’s established a dedicated fanbase through his own lane.

Drake might be going after Lanez because of some old tweets from last year, where he thought people who called Toronto “The 6” wasn’t cool. Although those tweets ended up getting deleted, he added, “I support everything that comes from Toronto. Don't let me be misunderstood."

What Tory Lanez talking bout??

The whole ordeal elicited a response from P. Reign, who put Lanez on blast and wrote in an Instagram caption, "Hey!! Kid with all the beads on. Behave yourself before I really have to remind people your from Brampton. N*ggaz let this rap shit gas them."

In November, Lanez later elaborated on the statement in an interview with The Breakfast Club: "I personally feel like the term is kinda corny. I later took it down because I didn’t want to alienate a certain audience, and anything that gives the city legs regardless is something that should be supported.”

Lanez hasn't responded to this latest jab from Drizzy, but OVO stans have flooded his Instagram with variations of The 6.

Drake's playing no games right now, and Lanez might be his next target.

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