Vic Mensa: 'I'm Tired of N***** Saying They Better Than Pac'

Vic Mensa didn't name names, but it sounds like he may be going at a few of his rap peers in a new freestyle.

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Vic Mensa isn't one to mince words when he's got something to say, and that seems apparent in a new freestyle the Chicago rapper spit during a recent visit to Power 106 in Los Angeles. 

Over the Alchemist's beat for Prodigy's "Keep It Thoro," Mensa opens up with a warning shot for his peers that have put their name above 2Pac's:

"I'm tired of niggas saying they better than Pac
Watch your mouth 'fore I slap muhfuckas
My clip loaded no subliminal shots
I get at muhfuckas, I don't act muhfuckas"

So who could he be referring to? Based on rappers who have recently mentioned Pac in that vein, it could either be Joey Badass, Kodak Black, or both.

Back in March, Badass claimed he was a better rapper than Pac in an interview with Genius. "I already know I’m a better rapper than 2Pac is," he said at the time. "That’s just facts. One on one battle, I’ll flame Pac.” He doubled down on that in a handful of since-deleted tweets. "I was referring to rap skill. Bar for bar. Not accolades or influence... and I back myself 1000 times."

Kodak Black's words on the subject were a little more aspirational than definitive. “I’m better than 2Pac and Biggie,” he said in an interview with XXL last year for the publication's Freshman class issue. “I say that, so now you know where my head at.”

For what it's worth, Freddie Gibbs shares a similar sentiment to Mensa's. In a conversation with Complex's Russ Bengtson, Gibbs shot down the idea of anyone trying to emulate Pac. "I think that the Pac movie comin’ out and niggas just thinkin’ they’re Pac right now, that’s all, so—shit, motherfuckers dressing up like 2Pac like it’s Halloween and shit. Social media shit right now, man, that’s all this shit is. 2Pac is definitely an icon. There’ll never be another 2Pac, so I’m not gonna ever, ever try to fill those shoes."

Later in the freestyle, Mensa addresses the new XXL Freshman class with a jab at everyone who made it. He also points out he's an alum.

"Shout-out to XXL Freshman slow class
I'm a dropout though, pick your crew better
I love you Vanessa but it's time to do better"

Near the end, he takes the time to give props to Drake, Chance the Rapper, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. It sounds like they're out of his crosshairs. But everyone else? Mensa's coming for your neck.

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