Here's a Picture of Tyga and Kanye West Cooking Something Up In the Studio

This collaboration could make 2014 very interesting.

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It's no secret that Tyga and Kanye West have become buddies outside of music as of recent, likely with the help of their significant others Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian. There's been several occasions in which the two rappers have been photographed together. Like that one time when they went on a double date. Or the other time when they travelled to Las Vegas together for Kanye's "Yeezus" tour, as well as to celebrate Kim's birthday

With Kanye West's tour—which was one of the highest grossing shows in 2013—over, he and Tyga connected in the studio. The image above was posted on Instagram by Tyga with the caption, "Raww x Yeezus," referring to the Compton rappers nickname T-Raww. Considering he's at work on The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, this collaboration could likely land on Tyga's upcoming project. Then again, Kanye said he'd like to release a follow up album to Yeezus soon. If fans are lucky enough, there will be a few records that make it out of this session. 

Either way, this is proof that Kim and Blac Chyna aren't the only ones putting in work in 2014.

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