Sensitivity Training: Trinidad Jame$ Gives Advice on Handling Haters

The Atlanta rapper drops some wisdom.

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It's hard out here to be great, especially in a time when anyone, anywhere can you shoot down when you're trying to do something special. To counter this, Complex TV offers a new series called Sensitivity Training, where artists give us a how-to guide on dealing with the hate and share their own stories on the subject.

With a debut mixtape titled Don't Be S.A.F.E. (Sensitive As Fuck Everyday), Trinidad Jame$ knows a thing or two about sensitivity. "Something might happen," said the Atlanta rapper. "Yeah, you're going to feel some type of way because you can't help the emotion. But it's really about how you let it carry out throughout the day."

The Atlanta rapper also praises social media, which allows people to speak honestly even if their words aren't positive. "Thank God for it, because a lot of people don't have any heart," he says. "I know a lot of things that you say, you wouldn't say it to my face. You wouldn't do it. But you want to say it because it's in your heart. It's in your soul."

Trinidad also leaves us with a practical motto to live by: "In order for somebody to win, somebody has to lose." Wise words from the 25-year-old MC.

Watch the full clip above, and be sure to check out Trinidad Jame$' latest single "$hut Up!!!" featuring Travi$ Scott.

If you liked this interview check out the music video Trinidad recently did with Scotty ATL below. 

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