This Video of Timbaland Freestyling With His Daughter Is the Most Adorable Thing You'll Watch This Year

Really, he is.

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There's no official rule book for raising a child, but if the video clip above is any indication of doing it the right way, Timbaland is light years ahead of his contemporaries. 

Over Labor Day weekend the 41-year-old producer shared a video of him and his daughter Reign freestyle rapping to a song called "My Name is Tim." Keeping to his standards, Timbaland does an incredible beatboxing session while Reign adorably takes it to the streets with some rhymes about getting her hair done. Watch the full clip above to understand how awesome this moment really is.

Even Missy Elliott had to give props. Just like that, a new star is born.

My bro @Timbaland & his daughter Reign making a dope freestyle called 'My name is Tim'

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