Premiere: Listen to Sasha Sloan's New Song "Runaway"

Singer Sasha Sloan shares her latest track "Runaway."

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Rising act Sasha Sloan has collaborated with some heavy hitters in the electronic scene—namely ODESZA, Kaskade, and Kygo—​and the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter is using that momentum to her advantage as she slowly but steadily builds up her solo catalog. Last month she released her debut single "Ready Yet," and this evening she follows that up with "Runaway." 

The record finds Sloan pouring her soul out over a melancholic backdrop as she deals with heartbreak. "I think I always get scared whenever I get close to someone and that’s where this song comes from," she explains. "This song is really personal for me too because it’s about my ex-boyfriend. I broke up with him recently after we had been together since I was 18. I’ve been pretty nervous to put it out because it hits so close to home and I know he’s going to hear it."

Check out "Runaway" above and grab the song on iTunes Friday (Dec. 1). "Ready Yet" is available here.

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