Premiere: Listen to Mike Dean's Guitar Version of "Blues for the State of the World"

Mood music for your holiday weekend.

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Earlier today, legendary producer Mike Dean shared "Blues for the State of the World," a one-take improvisation featuring all live analog sounds on the new Moog System 35 modular synthesizer. But just like when he added an incredible guitar ending to the Weeknd's "Tell Your Friends"/Kanye West's "When I See It," Mike is always up for putting a new spin on something he previously made and improving it.

That's exactly what he's done here on the guitar version of "Blues for the State of the World." For five straight minutes, Mike Dean shreds over the first instrumental, layering the moody melody with emotion and vibrato. Check out "Blues for the State of the World Moog Mod Improve With Guitar Pt. 2" along with part one below.

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